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Guided Meditation to Reduce Stress

More than three-quarters of adults in the United States experience physical and/or psychological symptoms of stress, which includes headaches and irritability, while one third report an extreme level of stress in their daily life. 50% ...

Your Guide to Alternative Healing

Do you wish that the pathway to optimum health was paved with less visits to the doctor and fewer prescription medications? It can! Sixty-two percent of all Americans have discovered the secret healing powers of exemplary alternative remedies. They are safe, effective, and have few side effects.

What Make Home Cures Really Do The Trick?

Going to the doctor is not anybody's concept of enjoyment. There tend to be long waits both in the waiting room and then in the examination room. Nobody really wants to deal with expensive co-pays ...

Liv 52 From Himalaya Takes Care of Your Liver

Liv 52 from Himalaya: Liver care supplement Also known as LiverCare, Liv 52 from Himalaya is an herbal formulation which is considered to be the number one liver support formula. It has been validated under ...

The Law of Attraction and The Link to Hypnosis

The article discusses what the universal law of attraction actually is and importantly how it is supposed to be used for self improvement purposes, especially in conjunction with the other main universal laws. The link between the law of attraction and hypnotherapy is then examined.

Parkinson's Disease and Neurofeedback Therapy

Parkinson's disease has taken center stage in recent years after "Back to the Future" star Michael J. Fox and former heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali went public with their diagnoses. Billy Graham has been coping with Parkinson's Disease for over 15 years. Some 1.5 millio

Aroma Therapy - Alternative Medicine of the Future!

Aroma Therapy is a fast growing alternative to traditional medicine.It has been around for millions of years, many people are just now experiencing the benefits of it for the first time.Learn about the physical and psychological benefits of aroma therapy here!

Vitamin C Supplement

One of the biggest scams supplement consumers fall for is high potency vitamin C supplements. There are lots of nutrients being marketed as "high potency" these days, but with vitamin C, it's particularly bad.More of ...

Cure Health Ailments Naturally With Cabbage

Cabbage is highly valuable vegetable which is found rich in minerals, vitamins and alkaline salts. It is widely used in preparing salad, soups, stews, wrapper around meat or other dishes. It can be relished in cooked, steamed or boiled form. The most important curative property of this vegetable is

Can Chiropractic Care Save Our Students

I graduated in 1991 and at the time I can say that I made it through school without ever owning a computer.I bought my first computer in 1995 and didn't really start spending more than a few hours on it daily until maybe 2003.In this relatively short period of computer use,

Usage Of The Astelin Nasal Spray

Astelin is a kind of spray used to get relief from nasal allergies. Persistently sneezing, itching; continues flow of fluid from the nose, etc. is a form of allergies that arises due to infections or seasonal changes.

Detailed Information On Mitral Valve Prolapse

Mitral valve prolapse is also known as click-murmur syndrome. Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) is a common heart disorder. Mitral valve prolapse is a common condition occurring in approximately 4 - 18% of the population.

Boosting Immunity in 2010

It seems just yesterday we entered 2010, but it's already the end of June - where do you stand with your health and your goals? We're halfway through the year. Six months down, six months to go! The year has been tumultuous thus far, with natural disasters and ecological nightmares plaguin

Bee Pollen Benefits

Bee pollen is an amazingly natural nutritious food and is used as an energy-boosting supplement throughout the world. Bees use their tongue to collect the pollen from plants and mix it with the secretions from their mouth before depositing it into the hive. The composition of this product can differ

The Crucial Need For Spinal Examinations!

Our bodies act as their own ecosystem, meaning that within each of us, we are interdependent on all the natural processes existing inside of us These processes add up to making us functioning human beings. We rely on a natural chain of events to allow us to breath, walk and talk. Each process and sy

Chiropractic Treatment Is Best for Charlotte Neck Pain

When it comes to Charlotte neck pain, the best medicine is no medicine at all. A recent study that was funded by the National Institutes of Health, tracked nearly 300 patients who suffered with recent-onset ...

Acupuncture As a Cure For Insomnia

Acupuncture is believed to have been practiced for about 4-5000 years. The first documented record of it being used is more than 3000 years old. In China it still is regarded as normal, whilst in the West it is still regarded as "alternative" medicine. Here I'll give you an overview o