Outdoor Strap Furniture Makes A Casual Statement

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When it comes to patio and pool furniture, none is as versatile and as popular as outdoor strap furniture, available in a multitude of color and designs and in a price range to fit everyone's budget. Materials used are also varied on outdoor strap furniture from plastic and vinyl to canvas and wood they are also usually stackable or folding for easy storage.

As a cheap, comfortable alternative to metal and plastic seats and backs, outdoor strap furniture is usually found by swimming pools, both private and public, and anywhere else seating near water may be necessary. Typically, having a frame made of aluminum tubing, outdoor strap furniture is light enough to be carried for short walk to the beach and neither the traps nor the frame is highly susceptible to water damage.

Additionally, on all but the cheapest outdoor strap furniture the straps can be changed if they do become damaged or weathered. It is also a good idea to give your outdoor furniture a thorough visual inspection to potential breakage at the beginning of the season to determine if any repairs or replacements are necessary.

Easy Repairs Extends Furniture Life

Many believe that outdoor strap furniture is a one-time purchase and when they break, they should be pitched. Left to suffer the elements outdoor items will be scratched and dented, vinyl straps will be discolored by the sun and weather and canvas web straps will deteriorate over time. There are, however repair options available.

If you are changing the straps on your outdoor strap furniture it may be good time to touch up the painted surfaces. Using exterior acrylic enamel, the surface around the nick or scratch needs to be sanded gently with 240-grit sandpaper. Depending on the size of the area being painted you can apply the paint with a small brush or spray can of the same color paint. Many times the manufacturer also sells touch up paint, which you can be, sure will match the original finish.

Changing the strap is fairly straight forward as you can cut off the old straps. They are usually held in place by plastic pegs on each end. Simply insert a peg through one end of the new strap and insert it into the hole on the side of the chair. Next, holding the center of the strap and pull it towards the other side of the chair until enough slack is available to use your free hand to wraps the other end around the side and insert the peg.
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