Women What Are You Doing About Your Finances?

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In my life I've had my share of financial problems and I've had to find the best solutions that work for me.
I also continue to hear stories everyday of other women who are going through major financial issues and don't know how to handle them.
I know going through these issues can be very difficult but if you want to get through this crisis you have to face it head on.
I've noticed that there's times when many of us women tend to ignore the financial side of our life.
We're probably more of the left-brained creative sorts, and feel it will either get taken care of on its own or our spouse can handle it unless something specific is needed.
However, this can get us in trouble at times and cause issues within our families.
If you're suddenly on your own, then you're left not knowing what to do.
It's important to understand the basics of finance for our own protection.
Not everyone has the blessing of a partner who's capable of handling the money.
Other times you end up being a single mother in an instant because of tragedy or relationship turmoil.
Now you're holding the purse strings, and in order to survive, you need to follow certain financial basics.
One of the first steps is to remember to spend less than you earn.
The majority of your money needs to go towards bills, and if your cash flow matches what you spend, it will cause less stress later.
When we go over our means, suddenly we're trying to figure out how to pay down credit or pay bills with money we don't currently have saved.
Some women will use credit cards like free cash.
Later, when the bills come, the reality of what you've just spent hits.
Then you're left trying to figure out how to pay the money back and sometimes it's not possible.
It's also important we don't try to keep up with the Joneses.
Whether we have money or not, there's always someone who's going to have more or seem to have more cash.
The fact is you may not know they're carrying $40,000 in debt to handle all of their toys.
Families, single or married, need to understand their cash flow.
Take care of personal needs and save for the wants.
Sometimes it may take longer to achieve a desire, but in the end, you'll feel better for following the budget.
You're also not putting yourself in a financial hole.
Women need to consider is making sure debt is paid off before you do anything else.
Whether you have minor or significant debt, it can weigh on you in a way that causes tremendous stress.
It becomes even stronger if you don't have the money to pay it back.
No matter what your financial obligations may be, try to work on paying each bill off gradually.
Pay a little over the minimum payment on credit cards and focus on paying your smallest bills off first.
This will provide you with a sense of accomplishment.
Once one is paid off, focus the money on the next bill and combine the efforts.
When you pay your debt off, you'll experience financial freedom.
For those of you who have no financial worries or struggle, appreciate these blessings as a gift from God.
In this case, use your knowledge of money can be used to help somebody else.
If you've been blessed with much, make sure you give back in return.
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