A Story About Giving and The Happiness It Brings

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The day they met was on the day the child was almost caught by the city social workers to be taken to the center for children.
Because of her innocence and lack of knowledge of what was happening, she ran along with other children to hide.
As she ran on the busy street corner she tripped over the old man who was sitting on the sidewalk while playing his guitar.
The coins he collected from the alms of the people where scattered along the street as well.
He was so angered that he almost spanks the child.
But the innocent child was crying while picking the coins and replacing it all back to his hat.
The blind old man was touched by the child's cry.
He knew all too well where the child's pain was coming from.
Then it was that day that their team started.
The blind old man knew that the child needed his care, but the child has the same feeling as well.
The child wants to take care of the blind old man also.
Despite the condition of the blind old man he tries to play his guitar from early morning until late evening in order to collect bigger amount of money.
He fed the child, bought clothes for her and takes care of her like her own child.
The child who was not used to be taken care of was very grateful for the old man.
That's why she proposes that she will tag along with him to sing on the street in order to collect alms as well.
But the blind old man was quick to reprimand her.
He was afraid that the city social worker will only caught her and take her away from him.
But the child was adamant, especially when she knew that the old man's birthday was coming up.
She bought a present for him, a sunglass to cover his blind eyes.
The blind old man very touched of the child's present.
For the first time in his life someone bothered to give him a present.
For years until the child grew into a teenager, the blind old man reached his death.
It was the most depressing day of the girl's life.
The only person who showed her the love of a parent was a stranger but the only person she knew as a parent.
She did not know that the old man had saved money for her.
A meager amount to sustain her needs after his death.
After so many years the life she led after the old man's death was focused on being successful.
She promised him that the love he showed will reflect in all the things she will do with her life.
She began her own shelter for old people.
She founded it from the inspiration she had from the man who showed her love.
Every time she feed and takes care of an old man she sees the old man whom she will forever loved and be grateful for.
In this way the overflowing love she had from the old man whom she can no longer care will be showered to the old men she reflects as the same old man who loved her.
Sometimes in life we only need one person to show us great love in order for us to appreciate the existence of life.
The pain of the past is forgotten because of the overflowing love we had in our hearts.
You don't know it but someone is fated to show you an unconditional love you are looking for.
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