3 Easy Speed Reading Techniques

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Most people would be greatly helped if they could only read just a little bit faster.
Just think, if you're a college student, you could read books in record time.
Just think, if you were an author you could read and write your own books faster than a speeding bullet.
Everyone could benefit from learning how to read faster.
So, what are some speed reading techniques? Here are some for you to enjoy.
The first technique to learn how to read faster is to increase your eye span.
You don't want to read word for word.
Eye span has to do with how we times you blink.
You want to blink after reading a few words, not every single word.
Even better, you want to blink after reading many words.
If you can increase how many words you read between blinking, you are increasing your eyes span.
Therefore, you are increasing how fast you read.
Be careful though, you don't want to start widening your eye span too fast.
That's because, studies show that trying to do this too fast may lead to physical difficulties that include dyslexia.
You may even acquire an inability to read.
However, if you take your time, before you know it you'll be a very good speed-reader.
Another way to begin speed-reading is to avoid rereading.
This means reading what's already been read over and over again.
Many people fall into this habit.
However, it is definitely not a good habit to have.
It can slow your reading down immensely.
To read faster, you can try what is called the rapid serial visual presentation method.
In this method, you want to confine the text from within the center of your vision.
In other words, the more central the text is for you, the easier and faster you can read it.
These are some very useful speed-reading techniques.
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