Law of Attraction 101: How The Law of Attraction Really Works

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If you've ever watched the movie - 'The Secret', you probably got super excited at the thought of manifesting your dream life using the law of attraction.
But before long, you realized that the law of attraction wasn't working for you, right? You're probably left wondering what piece of the puzzle you're missing.
You're probably left wondering why all those super successful people in the Secret seem to effortlessly manifest anything they want whilst you are struggling to manifest a bag of potato chips.
So what's the Secret behind the Secret? I mean, there's got to be more to it than just thinking.
Visualizing what you want and then watching it magically manifest of out of thin air would be nice, but that's probably wishful thinking.
The truth is, you can manifest what you want, but you have to understand how the law of attraction really works.
How The Law Of Attraction Really Works Like energy attracts like energy.
This is the driving force upon which the law of attraction was formed.
The concept is simple.
Everything in the universe, including you and I, is made up of energy.
Each of us emitting energetic frequencies which attract energetic frequencies of a similar magnitude back to us.
That means, if you are radiating positive energy, you will attract positive energy back.
On the flipside, if you are radiating negative energy, you will attract more negative energy.
Here's where it gets interesting, the catalysts for your energetic vibes are your thoughts, emotions and beliefs.
In other words, thoughts do actually become things, but not in the sense that you can just think about something and will magically manifest out of nowhere.
Think of it like this, the thoughts you plant are like seeds you plant in the ground.
In order for them to grow and flourish they need to be watered and nurtured.
Put simply, your thoughts are seeds that you need to nurture.
When you consistently think good thoughts that are aligned with you want, you fuel your emotions, which fuel your beliefs, which fuel your actions, and as you know, it's ACTION that will lead to tangible results.
And that is the secret behind how the law of attraction really works.
But your thoughts must be predominantly positive and aligned for driving you towards your goals.
Just like a planting a seedling in the ground, you need to constantly nurture them before they break soil, let alone take root and grow into a healthy plant.
You wouldn't just plant a seed and take up it a few days later to plant a new one, would you? The Bottom Line There you have it, the secret behind the secret.
Of course, it's not really a secret at all but if you want to manifest miracles, then it all starts with nurturing your thoughts.
Once you decide on what you want and stay positively focused on manifesting that thought, you will find the actions that lead to tangible results will naturally follow.
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