7 Reasons to Say "No"

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For a people pleasing person like myself, saying "no" is one of the hardest things to do.
Having the nerve to say no, and stick to it, as well as understanding that some people will be displeased and being OK with that has made a huge improvement in my relationships.
Saying "no" has made it possible for me to stop lying about things and has made it so that I have taken back the control over my day to day activities.
There are many reasons to say "no" ranging from occasions when something or someone is out to harm you all the way to other moral and personal issues.
I've narrowed down 7 reasons to say no to someone:
  1. Because you don't want to or cannot accommodate the request.
    Maybe they want you to go pick them up from the airport and it's a 6 hour roundtrip for you.
    Maybe it's a customer that is making an unreasonable demand.
    In any case, you can and perhaps should say "no" to these types of requests.
  2. Because you know that the other person will ultimately take advantage of you.
    This is hard, you know in your gut that the other person has no intention of reciprocating.
    Maybe they're just mean about how they ask, or they say disparaging things about you behind your back.
    If you feel that ultimately someone will end up taking advantage of you, you have the requirement to say "no" to their request.
  3. When you feel pressured to do something that you're not comfortable with.
    This is a tough one.
    Maybe it's lending money, or maybe it's to write something on a wall.
    If you're not 100% OK with it, say "no" to it.
  4. When it's the truth.
    Sometimes, someone will ask you, are you done with the project? If the answer is "No, I'm not" you need to say so.
    Don't make up an excuse, don't say "yes" don't say "almost.
    " Be truthful.
  5. When it's appropriate.
    Maybe your 16 year old needs your consent to get a tattoo, or maybe that same 16 year old wants to take a trip overseas.
    If it's appropriate to say no, then say no.
  6. When it's accurate.
    If something is incomplete, or you have no plans for your child for the summer, you need to say so.
  7. When it's necessary.
    Sometimes, you just have to say no, and there's no other sustainable option.
    Like when you owe someone $400 but you only have $150 and they ask you if you have the money you owe them.
I'm not saying that it's OK to be rude or unapologetic about saying "no.
" What I am saying is that there are many times when saying "no" is the right thing to do.
Having the integrity to say "no" is just as important as having the integrity to say "yes.
" It's more important, in my opinion, to say "no" and be honest, than it is to say "yes" while being dishonest.
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