World Leaders: Face The Challenge of Bringing Greater Awareness and Peace

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Do we believe in peace? Sounds like a silly question but lets give that question a little more reflection before we answer, to understand what really lies upon our heart.
If we profess to believe in peace then all of our actions will reflect our beliefs.
This is a question that everyone will ask themselves at least once when facing challenges they don't understand.
This is a question all world leaders should be asked and we should know what that answer is.
So much of our life depends on how that question is answered and how we answer that question for ourselves.
Consider this, as much as we have evolved as a human race we still struggle to understand that war cannot bring peace.
War at best can only boast the suppression of an unwanted voice.
What it does not boast is the seeds of transgressions it places into the future of humanity.
It is in this light that we will see the unrest that shakes our planet; you may say 'why should I care what goes on somewhere else' without realising that crimes against any living thing affects this universe.
We have tried war, but yet it hasn't ended suffering.
It doesn't matter how dynamic our weapons become someone will always find a way to build a bigger gun.
We haven't figured out that peace is not based on one person or one nation getting its own way, but on nations showing that despite their differences they can come up with ways that encourages peace for everyone.
That is the leadership that is required to bring peace.
However even at the highest levels of government in most countries they are divided amongst party lines not realising that having half of a nation on your side still leaves you with half a nation whom you have no influence.
THE CHALLENGE The challenge we face is upon us all, but especially those that lead our nations.
They face the challenge of building economic and social stability in their lands, not an easy tasks these days with they're being so many dividing lines.
Divided by culture, race, religion, financial, social, gender and economic lines.
There are so many dividing lines its hard to keep up.
However it is time to stand with our leaders and encourage them to extend the hand of peace to those that oppose them and do what is necessary to remove the dividing lines.
It's time to ask our leaders and governments what they actually believe and wait to see what their actions are.
It's the responsibility of all humans to understand the reasons why we go to war with another country.
Many of today's wars are in a fight for the earth's resources that can bring financial wealth.
In fact many nations today have been living off the resources from other countries through acts of war and today's challenges are shouting at us that this cannot continue.
If we need the resources from other countries we should be willing to pay without trying to monopolise it.
The challenge our leaders of today have is the need to begin to lift the awareness of its people to their own resourcefulness as well as removing the lines that divide them and increase conflict.
It is time that we looked within as people, as nations, as a part of the human race and take responsibility for our world and by increasing our awareness.
Not only will this individual be made aware of their own resources within, but through its success, the nation that does this, will lift other nations who will eventually look to them having exhausted every other impossibility for peace.
Lets face it everyone wants peace, we just struggle to understand what that may require of us; yet until we lift our awareness of who we are and how resourceful we can be we will always look on the outside of us and believe that peace is held in something else.
Our leaders face many great challenges; lets support them lifting our awareness and remove our own dividing lines.
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