How to Improve Luck?

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There are 3 types of tools in Chinese Metaphysics, namely Feng Shui, Astrology and Divination tools.
  Feng Shui has been known to layman as the remedy tool of Chinese Metaphysics.
 Most people thought of Astrology as character/human potential assessment tool and Divination as event outcome assessment tool.
 A remedy tool is perceived to have a higher value than assessment tool.
Although such a commonly held perception is not wrong, it is a rather shallow understanding of how holistic these 3 tools are.
 An individual's destiny and outcome is dependent on the cosmic trinity of Heaven, Earth and Man Luck.
 Heaven and Earth Luck affect us mostly subconsciously.
 Feng Shui practices improve our luck without us feeling it directly because its effects evolve overtime and are blended in with the environment.
  Now, can we do anything consciously to also improve our luck? The answer is a resounding yes! Man Luck is a very critical part of destiny and outcome.
 Lest we forget, Man, besides Heaven and Earth, are part of the environment.
 Man Luck can be assessed with Astrology Tools but the icing on the cake can be made with Divination Tools.
 Astrology seeks to tell the strengths and weaknesses, the potentials and the types of destiny path one is availed to take.
 If we understand this aspect, we can condition ourselves to move in a certain direction to better our outcomes.
  Even if we are running through good luck, choices need to be made everyday.
 These choices also change our destiny and outcome.
 For example, during a spate of good luck cycle, one may have 3 job offers on hand.
 While all 3 offers may be positive, definitely the benefit each job may bring to that person will differ meaningfully.
 Divination tool would have been the most appropriate tool to help us make choices in such situations.
  Feng Shui cures are passive.
 Astrology and Divination cures are active and dynamic.
 I would not want to argue which one is better but the best way to improve one's outcome is through his own actions.
 Unfortunately, a lot of people want to improve their luck without changing their own behavior or using their brain to make better choices.
 When we advise readers to avoid certain things or seek advice when opportunities come up, they often forget and make the choice based on their emotion or instincts.
 When things turn out negative, they blamed their advisors, they blamed the Feng Shui, they blame their destiny or their luck.
 In short, blame anyone and anything but themselves!  In actual fact, when things went wrong for someone, it usually is most directly a result of his own doing.
 The best way to improve luck is to find the cure within ourselves!
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