Love"s Got Your Back

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Last weekend my husband and I spent time with four teens (all around age 16) and our pastor at a retreat center in rural Pennsylvania.
The teens were preparing for confirmation in the Episcopal church.
My husband and I have served as their leaders for the past two years and are preparing to take them on a Journey to Adulthood pilgrimage to England where we will return to the roots of the church.
Naturally, Westminster Abbey will be among our stops.
I have come to love and appreciate the "kids" who are soon to become young adults in the church.
They are tasked with carrying on long-standing traditions and, hopefully, will be making necessary adaptations needed for the church to remain current.
It's a big responsibility but I have faith that these young people will take on their roles as leaders with enthusiasm.
They are thoughtful and caring, intelligent and loving.
So what did we do on our retreat? We spent time in prayer, reflected on scripture, pondered the after-life and shared in the Eucharist.
We also had ample time to have fun and further bond as a group.
One of the highlight activities was maneuvering a low ropes course.
There was a time in my life when I would have dreaded attempting this type of activity.
Trying something new has typically been very hard for me.
"What if I look foolish? What if I fail?" This was my mantra from the past; my old story.
It is the story that held me back from fully experiencing life for decades.
As I have grown older and wiser, I recognize that I no longer want to miss out on things.
I recognize that I can't wait for the perfect conditions before making a move because there are never perfect conditions.
As Geneen Roth, author of Women, Food and God, would say "there is no there there.
" There is no magical place that, once reached, will guarantee that all will be well forever and ever, amen.
We only have the present and we've got to make it count.
There's no need to wait to do anything.
Even if your dream is really big and seems out of reach, you have the choice to move towards it.
That may be one step at a time or a few leaps at a time.
When it was my turn to step on to the rope, I did so with confidence.
Part of my confidence came from within but more of it resulted from the support I had around me.
I didn't need to go it alone.
I was surrounded by my husband, my pastor, my "kids"--people who love me and want to see me succeed.
They were there to catch me if I started to fall, encourage me when I got anxious, and instruct me when I was unsure about my next move.
I needn't be afraid to embark on this new experience.
I crossed the rope with relative ease, just as I intend to proceed with my life--effortlessly--supported by love, which for me is God, Spirit and Universal energy.
Love creates and envelopes us in this very moment and always.
Love's got your back.
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