Leadership Success: 7 Easy To Implement Strategies To Boost Performance

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Leading is by no means easy.
There are so many different and diverse stakeholders to please and ultimately you are judged on results.
Keep delivering good results and you are the best thing since sliced bread.
Encounter a dip in your performance and everyone starts to question you.
Given this reality, what are 7 easy to implement strategies to boost performance? Strategy 1: Listen More You are ultimately in charge and the buck stops with you.
At the same time, people want the opportunity to express their views and contribute their ideas.
Often they come up with small gems that lead to big gains.
So make a conscious effort to listen more.
Strategy 2: Invest Your Time Wisely There are probably lots of things that you could be getting involved in.
On the other hand it is easy to burn yourself out focusing on the wrong stuff.
Start to see your time like money and start investing it wisely as it is your ultimate limiting resource.
Strategy 3: Get The Best From Your Team While from the outside looking in, it might look like in all the best and most successful companies one person did it all, the reality is that it is a team effort.
As a leader, make a point of knowing what your people do well, what fires them up and then get them focusing on that.
Strategy 4: Keep Your Focus On The End Game Yes there will be times when all of your energies need to go on the here and now.
At the same time, if you are always focusing on the here and now, you will never move things forward.
Strategy 5: Create Some Downtime Machines need downtime for maintenance.
Human beings and leaders are no different.
To stay at your peak you need to make time to recharge.
Find out what it is that recharges and refreshes you and make time for it.
Strategy 6: Encourage Others We are all to some extent slightly hesitant, especially when venturing into new territory or doing something unfamiliar.
People need the reassurance that they have the encouragement and support of others if they step out of the comfort zone.
Create the safety to do this if you want to bring out the potential in others and boost performance.
Strategy 7: Reflect and Learn In every situation or scenario, whether it was a success or failure, there will be lessons to be learned.
Start to build reflection, review and learning into your processes.
The Bottom Line: As a leader you are ultimately judged on results, so make sure you do all that you can to create the conditions for success.
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