Creating Focus Days

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Have you been putting off larger tasks because they seem so big? Or getting smaller tasks out of the way in order to immerse yourself into the larger task, except the little things keep cropping up and you don't make much headway? That used to be what I experienced and those larger tasks or projects were the money making portions of my business.
So what did I do? I made the larger projects my first priority and created focus days.
Now I take one or two days per week to focus entirely on the larger projects.
The smaller stuff doesn't tend to generate income, so it can be organized into other times around my projects or an assistant can do the smaller things for me.
Focus Days are spent exclusively on high-income projects.
This means no interruptions, email, phone calls (unless these are your high income activities).
These days could be spent making proprietary systems or fine tuning the ones you have.
For a salesperson, Focus Days might include following-up with customers to see if their needs are met and contacting leads for future business.
Now if you don't have someone to help you with the smaller tasks, you can create Support Days.
These are the days you commit to tasks that help maintain your business.
These are days you return phone calls, clear your inbox, file all of your papers, and set up more Focus Days.
With all of this, you must schedule at least one free day per week.
If you don't, you will suffer.
Whenever I push myself further without a free day, my immunity goes down.
So I'm a stickler for the free day.
It relieves stress, lets you focus on non-business priorities, and allows you a day of fun.
A lot of people wince at taking breaks or time off, however, you will be more productive and more focused if you do so.
This Week's Experiment: First, figure out what your high income projects/tasks are and begin scheduling your Focus Days for later this week.
Second, use the days before as Support Days and plow through as much maintenance as you can.
Third, schedule your Free Day.
Make a list of things you like to do.
Go to a movie, take the kids out for a play day, or go for a hike.
You will look forward to these days every week.
Remember why you are in business - to make money.
So make sure you prioritize your high income projects into their own day.
By organizing by the day, you'll accomplish more and stress less.
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